justin gershenson-gates  A MECHANICAL MIND recycled watch parts jewelry and sculptures
8/1/14 Slowly, slowly adding new work to the store.  All the newer sculptures are up.  Next on the list are necklaces, some of which have already been added.  
8/2/14 More necklaces on the way...ten more added just today.  Why doesn’t the rhyming stop? I don’t know, go ask your pop!  
8.15.14 It’s been mighty quiet around here lately.  That is because I am preparing for my favorite art show in Chicago, Remix Chicago (Formerly Ravenswood Remix).  I’m hoping to have a dozen sculptures, such as Spider No 62 (shown here, for sale on Etsy), around a hundred necklaces, and a few gearrings.  Come out see the booth this Labor Day weekend Aug 30-31.  For more info, click the Remix Chicago banner below.
9.3.14 Back from Remix Chicago and adding new things shortly, like Dragonfly No 16!
9.5.14 A WHOLE LOTTA NEW!  Thirty one new pieces have been added to the Etsy store, including these sculptures. Get ‘em while they’re hot!
mechanica hand necklace
9.9.14 Take 10% off your order.  Enter FEEDME in the coupon code in our Etsy store. Offer ends after this Friday, September 9.  Also, Spider No 61 now for sale!
9.12.14 Come see all the new necklaces in the Etsy store!  Also, today is the last day to get 10% off your entire order with coupon code FEEDME! 
9.30.14 Many new watch parts hearts are now available for purchase.
10.1.14 Dragonfly No 17 and Mantis No 26
mechanica hand necklace
10.24.14 Coming soon:  Sentience  Available now:  Obsidian, and quite a few new heart necklaces!
11/06/14 I’m finally listing the two humanoid robot sculptures I’ve been hard at work on.  Meet Sentience and Chronoton.  You can find them for sale in the Etsy Store...now!
11/12/14 New Skeleton Hand Pendants in the store!  Also, check out a how it’s made feature here:  http://www.amechanicalmind.com/hands.htm 
Curiousity $300 Ancient $300
11/17/14 Just in time for the holiday season, new heart necklaces are available...but you’ll have to get through Chronoton to get to them!