6/05/2017 Two new cosmic series necklaces, plus many more hearts now available!  
6/06/2017 Two cascade necklaces and more ethereal fun now in the shop!  
6/24/2017 I’ve finally decided to sell Prometheus, but he’s going to cost you.   
7/11/2017 Scorpion No 10 is for sale now on Etsy.  Get it while you can, the last one I made was in 2015!   
7/13/2017 Spider No 86 is now available to purchase!  Click a picture below to continue on to Etsy to buy.  
7/21/2017 Wasp No 4!  Click through a photo below to purchase.  
7/25/2017 Watch Parts Mantis No 41 now ready to fly to a new owner!  
8/8/2017 Something new… jumping spider!  
11/28/2017 A few new mechanical clockwork hearts, just in time for the holiday season.  
12/6/2017 Things move fast at this time of year, so get your love a something unique while you can!  
12/15/2017 More good stuff in the store ready to ship in time for Christmas!  
01/03/2018 Happy New Year! Watch Gear Heart Necklaces are a hit for Valentine’s Day.  Click a picture below to head to the store!  
1/30/2018 Scout!  Made from watch parts, including a very cool antique ball watch case. Available for purchase in the store now.  Click a pic real quick, Slick.  
02/03/2018 Watch Parts Spider No 88.  Click through to buy.  
02/06/2018 Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. Get your gear heart necklaces while you can!