justin gershenson-gates  A MECHANICAL MIND recycled watch parts jewelry and sculptures
2.9.15 Get your heart before Valentine’s Day!  2-4 day domestic shipping (processing time included)
2/14/15 It has taken more than a year, but I have finally completed a new scorpion.  Meet Number Nine. This may be the last time in the next year you can purchase one, so be fast!
2/27/15 Spiralfly and Spider No 66
4/23/15 It has been a while since I’ve updated the site, and there is quite a lot of new stuff to see!  First up, new ARTICULATED sculptures.  Number 187 and 188 feature movable joints, and are made completely from watch parts and soldered together.
Next, a few new flying creatures.  Crystal Butterfly features wings made from watch crystals.
Finally, a few new heart necklaces just in time for Mother’s Day.
5.12.15 Taus Model 189 “Rusty” Watch Parts and Bottlecaps articulated sculpture  More info on facebook!
7.2.15 Quite a lot of new work in the store...go check it all out while available!
7.17.15 Taus Model 189 “Rusty” and Spider No 69 for available for purchase in the Etsy store.
7.31.15 Spider No 70 is ready to give you the Nopes.  Glitch, an articulated watch parts creature is coming soon!
8.11.15 I am now on Instagram (finally, I know).  Find me here:  https://instagram.com/amechanicalmind/ or by following the picture below!  amechanicalmind is my screen name.
Also, Dragonflies No 21 and 22 as well as Mantis No 29 are now available on Etsy.
8.28.15 Come out to see me on September 12th and 13th in Andersonville (Chicago) at the local only brew/food/art/music fest City Made.  Click the banner below for more information.
9.16.15 A whole lotta new stuff after City Made!  Checkitowt!