justin gershenson-gates  A MECHANICAL MIND recycled watch parts jewelry and sculptures
5.28.14 A couple of new Widow style mechanical spiders now for sale!
5.30.14 A new mantis ventured into our little world...find her on Etsy now!
mechanica hand necklace
6.4.14 It’s getting swamped in our store with new dragonflies!
6.20.14 I’ve finally completed Ryder, a collaborative effort between myself and Dan Tanenbaum of Watch Parts Motorcycles.  See more pictures by clicking on the photo below.  Find Dan’s work here: https://www.facebook.com/watchpartsmotorcycles
Also, three new necklaces for sale that are not hearts or flowers!
6.27.14 Capture Thinker and his pet fly before he gets away!
7.2.14 Ripper is clawing his way into the store.
7.4.14 Captive.  Who exactly is the captive here?  Now for sale.
mechanica hand necklace
7/11/14 I’m preparing for the Lill Street Craft Fair at the Taste of Lincoln in Chicago on July 26-27, so the Etsy store will not be getting much love for a while.  See these sneak peek pictures for what you can expect to find there.  Contact Justin at jmg.amechanicalmind@gmail.com if you cannot make it to the fair and would like to buy anything that you see here.
Pendants $45-$75 (comes with chain) Ancient $300 Curiousity $300 Making a Friend: Tinker and Junker $500 Ancient $300
7/29/14 Back from the Lill Street Fair and will be adding new pieces to the store when I am able.  First up, new sculptures, followed by necklaces in the near future!
Curiousity $300 Making a Friend: Tinker and Junker $500 Ancient $300
8/1/14 Slowly, slowly adding new work to the store.  All the newer sculptures are up.  Next on the list are necklaces, some of which have already been added.  
8/2/14 More necklaces on the way...ten more added just today.  Why doesn’t the rhyming stop? I don’t know, go ask your pop!  
8.15.14 It’s been mighty quiet around here lately.  That is because I am preparing for my favorite art show in Chicago, Remix Chicago (Formerly Ravenswood Remix).  I’m hoping to have a dozen sculptures, such as Spider No 62 (shown here, for sale on Etsy), around a hundred necklaces, and a few gearrings.  Come out see the booth this Labor Day weekend Aug 30-31.  For more info, click the Remix Chicago banner below.